A product guy with a passion for turning data into products, actionable insights, and meaningful stories.

Started my career by helping develop the fraud detection algorithm for Aadhar ( SSN equivalent of India). Joined as one of the core team members and 1st employee of Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics, a leading IOT data science company in the world and helped in the growth of the organization to a 100+ member team and millions in revenue. After Flutura, joined Zapprx – a digital health company for specialty medication where I helped in conceptualizing their analytics offerings and the creation of the analytics product. Parallel to Zapprx, founded a restaurant dish level discoverability platform called Kifli and an atm finder platform to see if there is cash or not based on crowd sourced data called showmesomemoney.in

Currently working on Modelchimp that helps machine learning engineers and data scientist to make their Artificial Intelligence experiments reproducible.

Strong background in product management and development, data science, machine learning, big data, use case creation, customer interfacing and requirement gathering.



Modelchimp is a platform that helps in making machine learning reproducible.

It helps machine learning engineers log changes, compare experiments, track hyperparameter changes, and analyze results in real time.


Side Projects

1. Cryptotrack

A minimal cryptocurrency tracker and alerter.

2. Oil Ka Rate

The price of petrol and diesel in India change on a daily basis. Oil ka Rate shows the current price of petrol and diesel which is published by Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

3. Komedy Tv

Netflix of Standup Comedy.

4. Show Me Some Money

SHOW ME SOME MONEY is a crowd sourced platform to find the nearest atm with cash. Users can view the atms in an area that have money and also use the platform to tag an ATM whether it has money or not.

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